Feels like Christmas

Hoho sweater

I love that it’s 79F degrees again. I want to enjoy my Floridian lifestyle the right way for the next six weeks. I’m fine with having a sunny Christmas this year.

I also found out that one of the UK colleges where I applied for the teacher training courses has offered me an interview. (If you’ll recall, the first place I sent my application was all worried about their high school test scores, which may be the case with all their college entry requirements.) Anyway, I’ll have to request a rescheduling of the interview as they want to conduct it on the day I’ll get to England. But if I can get it for a couple days after, Steve showed me how easy it will be to get on the bus and take a 30 minute trip to the University. The idea of learning to ride the bus, not to mention the metro, will be a whole adventure in itself.

Right now Steve’s at his Christmas work dinner and I’m contemplating what to have for dinner myself. I tried to get to the gym yesterday but I did my Christmas shopping instead. (Got Mom a green Christmas sweatshirt for her to wear now though.) I knew that school was out today and more people would be in Wal-mart and Target. I have what I want for everyone now. I still have a few things to get Dad for his birthday and Steve for our post-Christmas (both in January.)

I’m still working on setting up my online education classes too. I still like the idea of taking classes that count toward an MEd degree.
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