Winter in March

Even though winter had its chance for the month, it’s decided to give us its last hoorah and snow this week again. Luckily for us, our days are busy at the top end of the week and our stay-at-home days are at the end. That means it can snow all it wants after today and we’ll be fine because there’s no commuting, no nursery, and no rushing about.

I’ve happily just purchased Meg Cabot’s recent Princess Diaries book. I always tell myself that I don’t have the time and patience to read, which is true for most days, I’ll gladly dip in and out of this ebook. The Princess Diaries series is just the best and I’m so glad the story lives on. I would love to write cute, funny, smart, awkward, royal, teenage books. One day I’ll get there.

But anyway, nothing much to report for me. I’ve neglected my Boogie Bounce exercises last week, so that’s on the agenda during our snow days. I’ve had high hopes for outdoor walks and even bought some new trail shoes for the occasion but then this cold and snow turned up, so that will have to wait.

I’m like Olaf over here, anxiously awaiting summer.

Mothering Sunday is around the corner too for us in the U.K. so I’ve decided to not be boring and eat lunch in the mall, as I’d originally planned. Instead, we’re going for an afternoon lunch in town and hopefully going to the museum. That’s the plan. We’ll see how the weather holds up.

Writing-wise, this is about it for me. I just haven’t had the energy to do anything other than get to bed early because now I’m sleeping better (touch wood) and not as zapped of energy throughout the day.

Incidentally, if anyone needs help getting to sleep, the Headspace app has helped me a lot.

And on that note, it’s time to see if the snow will hold off until tonight while we’re still getting ourselves back indoors. I hope everyone is having a nice March so far.

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Leaving February and heading into March

Ah, the end of winter and the beginning of spring. That’s the hope, isn’t it? It seems like the weather took a bit of a turn and began sleeting with a touch of hail on Saturday.

I’ve worked a bit on the blogs and even dipped back into working on a couple of book projects just because I kind of don’t know what else to do with myself. When Jack is sleeping, I am at a loss for what to do with my time because it’s been so long since I was productive in a creative “me” sense.

I usually listen to motivational podcasts on my way into work and one of them said that we know what we’re meant to do with our lives if we really feel strongly about it. Writing and having lots of cute young adult books to my name has been the only other dream for myself that I’ve felt strongly about.

Every time I see authors with girlie books that delight the heart, it makes me think deep down, “Yes! That’s what I want too!”

So, here I go, jumping back into the field that I leave behind all the time because I never feel I have time to sit and concentrate for very long. My first task, other than the writing, of course, is to read more adorable YA books to get inspired.

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Library Life is the best life

The biggest part of library work is community connection. I was glad to be invited to attend a book launch and spend some time seeing how important libraries are to people in the local area.

It was a busy day of cake eating and camaraderie. The best part of the day was sitting with the librarians and hearing them say how much they enjoy their job and how glad they were to have chosen that career path.

As usual, the whole first part of the week flew by and now it’s time for me to manage my side hustle as a domestic goddess.

The laundry is in, everyone has had breakfast, and now it’s time to watch Teen Titans Go (all day!)

My back has been bothering me which means I need a walk or some kind of exercise. That’s why I made the decision to order my Boogie Bounce today. I have a discount gym membership but I never have time to go (I will write the book on why this is a legitimate excuse) so an in-home gym will have to do.

I’m trying to convince Mister Pick that we need a Peloton bike but he is not yet convinced. Yet!

The weekend will be me busy at work on Saturday morning (gotta get those extra hours) and a work dinner party in the evening. Sunday will once again be Lazy Sunday.

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Lazy Sunday

Beautiful Daisy at home.

It’s Lazy Sunday at Pick Manor. After two weeks of all three of us being on and off with some kind of sickness, today we have zero plans and zero reason to leave the house.

Obviously, we could take a walk but Jack is cozy on the couch watching Teen Titans Go, so who am I to disrupt him? Instead it’s big breakfast (courtesy of Mister Pick), laundry, tidying, coffee drinking, and just being home.

Today is supposed to be a no phone day because I don’t know how many of us are addicted to our little blinks box in our hand, but I probably am. In fact, I feel a great relief and sense of satisfaction if I’m left to just scroll, text, or copy and paste memes for unlimited amounts of time.

But I have Jack, and I don’t want his memories of me to be with my not acknowledging him because I’m looking at reels. So, I have to limit myself, especially when I’m home, just to ween off my constant go-to reaction of grabbing my phone every moment I felt slight boredom.

Actually, I was shocked to see how many times I open social media apps a day, even while trying to be conscious of what I’m doing. I downloaded an app called Screen Zen that allows you to block any apps you want for certain days, during different times, just to keep you away from that mindless pick up, put down action. It also tells you, “Look, you wanted to only open this app 7 times today, this is your third time. Do you really want to open it again, because if you do, I’ll open it in 5 seconds.” For me, just being that annoyed with having to wait to open an app is enough to make me go, “whatever, it’s not worth the time,” and put the phone down.

And with that said, I’ll put the phone down after sending this post. I know sites have been adding ugly ads, so I’ll have to upgrade soon to get rid of them. In the meantime, I’m still updating here, Instagram,, and the podcast. I’m in two minds about posting with Substack as well because that seems to be a thing.

Well, I hope everyone has a great Sunday and an awesome February. Talk to you soon!

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Sick Day

Poor Jack

Today has been yet another day to be home with a sick child. Jack started throwing up right as he got up this morning and has been doing the same since. He’s had sips of flavored water (squash) and a popsicle but he wanted to go back to bed to watch TV. This means the rest of the week will be us at home. If he feels better over the weekend maybe we can take a walk. I’m due to work on Saturday morning, so hopefully me and Steve won’t get this tummy bug.

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