Update for December 2021

Truth telling

The posts are getting fewer and further between, I know. I only decided to post something today because, with all the usual expectations of New Year’s resolutions, it’s normal to feel ready and eager to get back to starting fresh.

For a while now, I’ve accepted that I’m just not who I used to be and I’m growing and changing into this mother role and the wishy-washy “goals” that I never reach, should just be scrapped from the table. I don’t have time anymore to go, “Well, I’d like to write 50k words but I’ll settle for 10k.”

What I’m focusing on, or plan to, in 2022 is just doing things for me when I can. It occurred to me yesterday that I was letting the schedule of parenting beat me and I wasn’t fighting hard enough for my own space. Now, this is not something to take lightly because parenting a toddler is tough work. There isn’t a moment’s rest when you’re on duty (literally, sitting down it out of the question) so I give myself complete slack because I’m working on a new level of self-awareness.

So, with that said, here’s what I’d like to accomplish, set my sights on, work at, whatever you want to call it, for next year:

* Be a good mom (that’s a given) * Stick to my SlimmingWorld plan (and go to meetings) * Eat less meat (more vegetarian options) * Take more walks

There were more things I was going to add but I’m sort of at a loss regarding writing and reading plans. They never get accomplished so I’m not going to even entertain the idea that I’ll get a certain task finished.

Before I go, let me add that I detest WordPress’s block editor. Happy 2022, y’all!

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An update for November 2021


Well,I missed a whole month and didn’t update for October. At least not here, I didn’t.

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is upon us. I have done absolutely nothing other than look after Jack, which is fulfilling in itself and I stopped worrying about not being able to work on my book or doodle in my bullet journal. There just isn’t time when you’re chasing an almost 2 year old around. (And I do mean chase.)

I didn’t do NaNoWriMo. I didn’t finish the online business classes I signed up for. We haven’t done any holidays. We’ve had a few days to ourselves (me and Steve, I mean) and the rest of the time has been the routine of the household and the keeping of things functioning as normal.

I did, however, update the Jack’s Mum Podcast yesterday and I primarily update short entries at suzanne.micro.blog when I think of something quick to jot down. Other than that, I’ll write something more in December maybe, but until then, I hope everyone is winding down 2021 well.

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And update for September 2021

On the bridge

This week I celebrated my 45th birthday, so I figured I should commemorate the day with an update.

Last week, Mister Pick and I spent a day for ourselves while Jack was at nursery. It was a glorious day so we walked across the Tyne, had breakfast at Quay Ingredient, visited Eldon Square, Grainger Market, and Stack. It was such a nice way to spend the day because we hadn’t gone into town just to have a look around in a long time. (Not until before I was pregnant, that’s for sure.)

I updated the podcast recently to mention what a hard time I was having with letting Jack stay at nursery for full days now. I was glad to have the time to ourselves, but the guilty of being at work made me feel that I loved money just that little bit more than my own child. But I am going to work part time again and just trying to keep my chin up and hope that nursery is helping Jack with his development as people keep telling me. (He has a lovely nursery and a great key worker, so I know he’s in kind, capable hands. I just miss him during the day, which I’m assuming is extremely normal.)

Other than my mummy updates, I’m still working on my Team Leader class at work and that, hopefully, will be done by the end of the year. I’ve also decided to do some business classes online, just to give myself plenty of credentials on my resume. It’s funny to think that as much as I hated school when I was young, I still keep wanting to be in education in my 40s.

Writing wise, I’ve still been slowly working on the first in my young adult romance series. Bullet journal wise has been slow as well, but I did purchase a new notebook for my birthday which is made with kraft paper rather than regular 160 gsm dotted paper. (I’m actually really excited about this one.)

Travel wise, we’ve been to Stephenson Railway, Lightwater Valley, East Grange Farm for the sunflower trail, and the Art Adventures summer term sessions. I’m so grateful that we can go places as a family after a long time of not being able to do anything outside of the house.

For October, we have Halloween, pick your own pumpkins, and continuing autumn term toddler classes to look forward to. I’m excited for the falling leaves, the crisp air, and the anticipation for Christmas that’s less than 100 days away.

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An update for August 2021

I guess this update is just to mention that having a toddler is a full time job. I’ve started feeling that even picking up my phone is spending time away from my son. (He takes the thing out of my hand most of the time anyway.)
I’ve tried to keep some of my me things on the agenda but getting to Slimming World or the gym is just impossible. I guess I have the option still, but I’m trying to get less disappointed when I can’t leave the house for things I have scheduled for myself.
I was able to go to the osteotherapist the other day, which was a godsend. Next week I have to go to the eye doctor as well, so fingers crossed I can make that appointment too. (Trying to work with contacts that cause major eye irritation isn’t ideal.)
Writing is out of the question. Reading is out of the question. Bullet journalling is manageable if I do short, quick sessions. Blogging? If I have time when Jack naps. Podcasting? Not really.
If I go out of the house, it’s for work.
We tried doing some family fun activities and it just ends in lots of tears and a lot of not enjoying ourselves because Jack is upset and frustrated.
So if you have a friend who is a mother and you don’t see or hear from her much anymore. It’s not because they don’t want to keep in touch, it’s because all they have the mental energy and time for is being at home to wrangle a toddler.

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An update for July 2021

Sunny coast

It’s Monday and the last day of my self isolation. I got pinged last Tuesday right as I sat down for lunch at the library. It said I’d come in close contact with someone who tested positive. The only place I’ve used my app is at baby classes because that’s the only place we really go for extended periods of time, so I assume I came in contact at the activity centre.
Steve is still working from home and Jack is back at nursery. It’s summer term so I’m trying to find things for us to do while he’s off at nursery for a couple of weeks.
I guess it’s silly to post on a blog that you’re tired of the internet and social media, but it’s the truth. This has been about my only hobby I’ve had consistently for a long time and it’s started to make me anxious and frustrated. I told Steve that it makes the real world feel slow when everything we could possibly want to be engaged in is right in our hand in one device. I uploaded an Off Screen app to try and limit how much I use my phone at home. I know it’s the easiest, go to relaxation tactic but when it’s getting more of a nuisance than anything, it’s time to step back.
I don’t really look at my Twitter feed anymore. My Instagram I look at occasionally. My Facebook is my prime app that gets used because I know people in real life and I care about keeping in touch with them.
The other past time is shopping online which doesn’t really prove as anything other than frustrating because I’m working part time now and don’t have much of a budget to buy Willy-Nilly anymore.
Writing my books is a big goal now that I’m a little past half way through the draft of the first book in the series. I know the main goal of having the series done is way off but I call it a personally goal to have a lot of it done (and not hate it).
Also, the podcast and the mummy blog is one I want to start and call myself a blogger.

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