An update for August 2021

I guess this update is just to mention that having a toddler is a full time job. I’ve started feeling that even picking up my phone is spending time away from my son. (He takes the thing out of my hand most of the time anyway.)
I’ve tried to keep some of my me things on the agenda but getting to Slimming World or the gym is just impossible. I guess I have the option still, but I’m trying to get less disappointed when I can’t leave the house for things I have scheduled for myself.
I was able to go to the osteotherapist the other day, which was a godsend. Next week I have to go to the eye doctor as well, so fingers crossed I can make that appointment too. (Trying to work with contacts that cause major eye irritation isn’t ideal.)
Writing is out of the question. Reading is out of the question. Bullet journalling is manageable if I do short, quick sessions. Blogging? If I have time when Jack naps. Podcasting? Not really.
If I go out of the house, it’s for work.
We tried doing some family fun activities and it just ends in lots of tears and a lot of not enjoying ourselves because Jack is upset and frustrated.
So if you have a friend who is a mother and you don’t see or hear from her much anymore. It’s not because they don’t want to keep in touch, it’s because all they have the mental energy and time for is being at home to wrangle a toddler.

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An update for July 2021

Sunny coast

It’s Monday and the last day of my self isolation. I got pinged last Tuesday right as I sat down for lunch at the library. It said I’d come in close contact with someone who tested positive. The only place I’ve used my app is at baby classes because that’s the only place we really go for extended periods of time, so I assume I came in contact at the activity centre.
Steve is still working from home and Jack is back at nursery. It’s summer term so I’m trying to find things for us to do while he’s off at nursery for a couple of weeks.
I guess it’s silly to post on a blog that you’re tired of the internet and social media, but it’s the truth. This has been about my only hobby I’ve had consistently for a long time and it’s started to make me anxious and frustrated. I told Steve that it makes the real world feel slow when everything we could possibly want to be engaged in is right in our hand in one device. I uploaded an Off Screen app to try and limit how much I use my phone at home. I know it’s the easiest, go to relaxation tactic but when it’s getting more of a nuisance than anything, it’s time to step back.
I don’t really look at my Twitter feed anymore. My Instagram I look at occasionally. My Facebook is my prime app that gets used because I know people in real life and I care about keeping in touch with them.
The other past time is shopping online which doesn’t really prove as anything other than frustrating because I’m working part time now and don’t have much of a budget to buy Willy-Nilly anymore.
Writing my books is a big goal now that I’m a little past half way through the draft of the first book in the series. I know the main goal of having the series done is way off but I call it a personally goal to have a lot of it done (and not hate it).
Also, the podcast and the mummy blog is one I want to start and call myself a blogger.

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Rest and recovery

I’m grateful for the nice weather today (73F!) so I can sit outside and let these two play.
After a doctor’s visit who said Jack was fine, then an urgent call from nursery the Monday after that lead to a trip to the hospital, we need the time out.
Jack has tonsillitis and I have a cold. Steve’s had his 2nd jab and we’re all just at home, per usual, making the most of it.
I’m glad I haven’t been taking him to swim lessons lately because he’s been so cranky and not sleeping well (which means I am not sleeping well). He’s on antibiotics and Calphol to keep the fever down. Then waiting an hour before he can have some milk or something to eat. He hates the antibiotics as well, so we get him to swallow what we can. He has throat spray to numb it before he eats too.
Poor baby is still wanting to play and seems to be feeling better, thankfully.

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I spilled my Starbucks coffee the other day. I took Jack out of the stroller to get him in the car and the whole thing tipped over. Coffee gone. I had had two sips of it, max, because we still wear masks in the mall so I couldn’t walk around sipping coffee and enjoying my life.
It was a day where Jack wasn’t feeling well and was having tantrum after tantrum. He didn’t want snacks because he hadn’t been eating much at all. Wasn’t interested in walking in his little backpack leash thing, and just wanted me to hold him.
We did get him some new, properly fitted shoes, at Clarks though.
But the coffee was just for me to treat myself and when it spilled I knew that I needed to just stop trying to do other things not on the list. It sounds silly but plenty of mothers feel the same way. There is such a desire for something of your own (for me it’s, writing, bullet journalling, blogging, reading, exercising, doing my Avon) and it just isn’t going to happen. It’s not even a case of time completely, it’s a case of it just not being worth the endeavour.
It’s like when we planned on going out for Steve’s birthday. We were going to have breakfast together in town while Jack was at nursery. Instead we had to take him to a Covid testing centre because he had a fever. Our little whims aren’t on the list of importance and as much as I try to work around it, I’m just going to have to accept that I’m it in to win it with this #MumLife thing.

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An update for June 2021

Sunny view

It’s been hot up north lately which is lovely for England because we don’t squander our days in the sun. Most of the time we’ve been playing with Jack in the garden or taking him on walks with his trike.
Steve’s birthday was on the 1st and we had our first date (breakfast by the river) since 2019. The rest of that weekend we spent as a family hanging out then Jack got sick had to stay home from nursery (and get a Covid test — negative).
I really need to start back up with the podcast because I have lots of stuff to talk about with taking a toddler out and about how that lockdown has eased. We’ve done two restaurants outside and lots of kid-friendly events like the farm, a sensory room, swim lessons, and walks. We even got him a new trike but quickly discovered those are not for long trips when the child gets tired because the one we have doesn’t recline. (It was also the only one decent rated online that was available: a Kingerkraft Aston.)
Other than that, we’re getting on as we do. Steve is still working from home and I’m doing my management course at work so hopefully I can get that done by the autumn of this year.
Still no official word about our trip to Florida, but we still plan on seeing the Picks next month for Jack’s christening. It will be two years since we’ve seen our families.
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