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From the end spring new beginnings

It is my pleasure to report that we’re expecting a Baby Pick on 1st January 2020! We’ve been wanting a baby for a while so the blessing of a child is all the more special for us. Now, in preparation … Continue reading

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Rainy weekend with Netflix and my bullet journal

Guys, I did absolutely nothing all weekend and it was glorious. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned oodles of times, I work every other weekend. This weekend, I didn’t have to work. It’s been insanely hot up here (but not as … Continue reading

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Writing for yourself in the new year

“Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.” ~ Stephen King It’s now January and 2016. It’s raining outside as it has been for the entire Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the holiday as good as it … Continue reading

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A list of Wednesday things

A quick update list: 1. Everyone at the AWP writer’s convention; have fun. 2. Trying to keep myself focused on writing. I don’t have a Twitter problem, or a tendency to listen to music to distract me. I’m just very … Continue reading

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University a scam?

Bah! Almost forgot to post today. I was even going to write something thought provoking as well. We’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother which I thought I would hate (because I only ever know the Americans they bring in) but … Continue reading

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