Author podcasts and finding Baby’s gender

Bee on flower

Well, we’re having a boy!

I’m sure it will thrill our son that I’ve already shared our pictures on Facebook, so to spare him the further humiliation, I’ve not posted the prize-winning scan photo on my blog.

It’s not long now until we head to Florida for our holiday. I am so ready for this. I’m sure it’s the pregnancy hormones, but I get so overwhelmed during the day with the running around, the people, and the being up for over 8 hours.

So, I have four months left until Baby arrives. I sort of seems like plenty of time and it also sort of seems like it’s coming up very shortly.

In order to prepare for my upcoming maternity leave, I’m working on being prepared for getting a book done (at least one) while I’m spending most of the time at home, not sleeping. The ways that I’ve done this are taking notes on my phone, setting up BookFunnel, and listening to my author/writer/creative podcasts.

Here’s a list of what podcasts I’ve been listening to:

  • Create If Writing
  • Stop Writing Alone
  • Don’t Keep Your Day Job
  • The Creative Penn
  • The Writer Files
  • Write Now
  • Write-Minded
  • Writing Excuses
  • Smart Podcast, Trashy Books
  • You’re Welcome with Hilary Rushford
  • You’re Booked

I commute a lot so having lots of options for motivation and inspiration is a big plus when the rest of the day is spent on the day job. What I find so helpful is that all of these podcasts have little gems of insight into how you want your author brand and writing to work. If one isn’t fitting your mood or your needs for the day, you can always go to something else and come back to the episode later.

I love music, but having a little bit of chatter in the background breaks the monotony. Plus, it keeps your brain interested in your creative endeavours even if you can’t sit and work on your current project.

We’ve also been in our house for over a year now. That flew by, but we’re still in love with the place.

Pick Manor is being slowly transformed into a place for a child to live. We have paint, we have nursery items, we have lampshades, and we have a new kitchen sideboard for bottles and baby feeding items. I still don’t know how we’ll be ready as I’m starting to feel like I’m training for a marathon.

Steve has been working overtime and I’m exhausted all the time, so it limits our daily excursions. Still, the nice September air has crept in this morning, so I feel autumn is upon us.

I hope everyone has a fantastic September. See you in October!


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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