A lovely, rainy Sunday


Yesterday Steve and I spent our rainy Sunday in Newcastle. We weren’t able to sight see in Durham due to the weather so we went to the movies instead.

We were going to see “Black Swan” so on the bus we jumped (I bought the bus tickets myself – first time trying that.) On our way, I suggested we go to see “The King’s Speech” instead. We arrived at the bus stop by the Newcastle Library and walked to the Tyneside theatre. Wow. It’s an old movie theatre that was renovated. (In the States, they just close them down.) There were red curtains, mosaic tiles and fancy carvings in the arches and such. And the concession stand included a full bar, coffee and popcorn (options of kettle or buttered – no extra butter options.)

The movie was so nice. It was a proper British movie at a proper British theatre. All on a rainy, English Sunday that needed to end in a Sunday roast.

We took the Metro (I got my own ticket there too!) We got to The Cluny which usually has quite good food but after the waitress talked to her hip friends and took their order, Steve was told “we’re not taking orders.” What? There was food being served (some being complained about too) but no food to be ordered for us? We left. I called to ask the kitchen what the story was. Apparently they only take orders every 30 minutes. Steve said that’s not something he’s ever heard of pubs doing. We walked on to the Quayside.

We went to the Pitcher & Piano for Sunday roast. This worked out well for my new blog project: Suzanne’s Foodie Blog. Now I can document such new meals like Sunday Roast. (Yorkshire pudding is super tasty!)

We finished the evening by watching most of the Superbowl.(Too bad neither of us understand what’s going on.) It was a very nice day and a great end to a fun weekend. Saturday Steve showed me how to get to Retail World so now I can walk to shops. I also have to phone my professor sometime soon too. Never had to do that before. I’ll be so glad when this term is over.


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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