Are you kidding me?

Article: Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook Post [VIDEO]

A lot of people were posting this video with “way to go, Dad” and saying how great it was. I didn’t bother watching until today and after listening to him for five minutes, I turned it off. It wasn’t until I did a search about reactions to the video that I realized that he shot his daughter’s laptop.

Are you kidding me?

So while, yes, I understand the Dad is angry (I watch Supernanny too, you know?) I was just absolutely appalled by how completely frightening this whole video is.

My comments for the Dad shooting the laptop video:

Guns do not solve problems. What are you teaching your daughter? If something goes wrong you destroy it? Our gun laws are being abused by people like this who are trigger happy. If your daughter doesn’t bring the car home on time will you shoot it too?  If she doesn’t clean the kitchen counters, will you shoot them?

Better yet, how do you want her to handle situations that anger her in the future? With a gun?

The Dad works in IT yet he just randomly destroys an expensive piece of hardware? Just take out the hard drive? Hide it. Sell it. Don’t shoot it six times, dingus.

The computer had $130 worth of software on it for school right? Now this kid has no computer for school to do homework, correct? Very good plan. Off to the grocery store she goes to take out her anger on the customers for 50 years. Oh, better yet, she’ll have learned that guns stop the anger so she’ll go postal eventually. Thanks, scary gun-toting Dad!

How scary and humiliating must this be for the daughter (and his new/old wife – I’m sure someone could address this in the guidance counsellor’s office) for everyone in the world to know that her father is more concerned with the kid doing things for them at the house then her education? He even uses a gun to prove it. (I like the commenter who asked if his wife had left after the broadcast of this video. A lot of women probably would.) Tough love is fine. Take her computer away from her and ground her. Give her more chores, whatever. But using a violent weapon to prove your point? Disgraceful.

There are computers with Facebook at the library, on phones, on friend’s computers, etc. All you did was take the problem out of the house where you can’t monitor it.

I seriously hope this guy deals with the situation a little more tactfully from here on out.  You can hear it in his voice and most viewers can only imagine how he harps on this kid constantly to do chores, get a job, and how they had it so much worse when they were young. Most teenagers go through a bratty stage but, seriously, what have you helped the situation by invaded her privacy, her confidence, her self esteem and her trust? It seems completely brutish and aggressive and I’m sure that kid deals with that every day when she gets home from school.

At fifteen, this kid could have been doing a lot worse and let’s hope this video doesn’t make her want to be even more rebellious, run away, or start using drugs just to get back at this scary Dad with a pistol. I’ve taught kids who didn’t have anyone to care about them or what they did at home but, yeah, this is just going way too far with the gun and the public humiliation. Plus, he did this to show that all her “little friends” will see what happens when you say bad things about your parents. Why is he so worried about what the kids online think of him? Most of those kids probably don’t have to worry about their father holding a pistol when they get home.

I know a lot of people won’t agree with me. They’ll say this dad had just had enough and needed something to stop his kid’s backtalk and insolence. Fine. If it weren’t for the gun, I could have maybe understood that he just wanted to teach the kid a lesson. I’m not even going to post this to Facebook because tons of people have posted this video saying how it’s great that the Dad did this. I’m not looking for argument, I’m just posting another viewpoint to this whole situation. (And to vent.)


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