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Another A to Z list

It’s Thursday, and as I said last week, Thursday will be my blogging days – until I find a better day or more reasons to blog more often. I’ve decided to go on with April’s A to Z challenge again … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air – kind of

It’s sunny but chilly today so I have no idea when Spring will really start. But luckily it’s not cold enough to not be going outside so I can still go to the gym (even though I so need to … Continue reading

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Dear PayPal, we’re through

I’ve talked about my issues with Ebay before and how PayPal has gotten considerably worse to deal with over the recent year. I’ve finally decided to cancel my PayPal account but, surprise, I can’t because their Close Account webpage form … Continue reading

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Avoiding the flood

As if the salon across the hall and the broken shower weren’t enough, we are in the midst of a full plumbing problem. Ever since Steve bought this flat, there’s been an on-again / off-again issue with the kitchen sink … Continue reading

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