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The saga of the apartment block

I’ve mentioned before our increased concern about apartment living. It seems that in England you can run a business from your apartment and put whatever random little garden knick knacks into the communal hallways. Sounds crazy to an American, right? … Continue reading

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Resolutions are for every day

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve about completely disregarded my New Year’s resolutions already. January had a rough start and I was glad to have it over with.  Now that February is here, I enjoyed Valentine’s … Continue reading

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Are you kidding me?

Article: Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook Post [VIDEO] A lot of people were posting this video with “way to go, Dad” and saying how great it was. I didn’t bother watching until today and after listening to him for … Continue reading

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Football and other revelations

Just saw the Super Bowl last night (well, most of it) and think we’ve almost figured out how the rules work. I just like being part of the fun even if we went to bed before the game was over. … Continue reading

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