Dear PayPal, we’re through

I’ve talked about my issues with Ebay before and how PayPal has gotten considerably worse to deal with over the recent year. I’ve finally decided to cancel my PayPal account but, surprise, I can’t because their Close Account webpage form goes through the whole process, then tells me it has a “connection error.” This has been the same for the last three days.

So since all the customer service people tell me is to call their local US number, which I obviously can’t do right now, I have to resort to showing everyone else my letter that will go with my account closure statement because PayPal surely won’t listen.

I have had an incident with an Ebay seller who was sending me harassing messages over a product and I was given no support or refund on the matter. I should have closed my account then but now after I had a seller give me incorrect PayPal account info, I cancelled the payment for the unclaimed money and sent it to the seller’s correct PayPal account. I was then given a negative balance in my PayPal account so, essentially, I paid for this item twice. I was given no support regarding this matter either. I also had to fight through PayPal’s security procedure to get access to my own account and my own money when I changed my email address and password. To then be ripped off after that means I am cancelling my account and not coming back. PayPal needs to be more cooperative and helpful with their customers. There are way too many complaints regarding PayPal these days for this company to risk losing any more patrons. Thank you.

These are my reasons to finally close the account all together.  If they want to go through a whole process to verify who I am after changing my email address and password, just to let me use my own money, then turn around and charge me twice for something, then it’s not even worth risking the loss of $1 anymore.  It’s sad too because I use to use Ebay a lot in the US but since I’ve been here I’ve had way too many problems.  What gets me is that when you purchase something here and it gives you a “pay by card” option, you still have to agree to opening a PayPal account with that debit or credit card information. If you have an account already open, then you have to use whatever email or credit card is already listed to an account.

Sorry, no. I just can’t fight with them anymore on this.  So I’ve emailed PayPal a few times and told them their website is broken and I want my account closed. At least I was able to delete my card information off my account. That was after I paid PayPal $8 to use my own money, that is. I wasn’t even allowed to access my account until after that negative balance was taken off that was of their wrong doing to begin with.

Anyway, for those who are still buying and selling on Ebay without issue, I’m so glad you haven’t had to go through this kind of stupid stuff like I have.  For all those people who cancelled their accounts long ago and who have written complaint after complaint about PayPal’s poor service; I join your cause!


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2 Responses to Dear PayPal, we’re through

  1. Mandy says:

    I loathe paypal and have had a few instances where the seller has refunded me but paypal has not passed the money on. I’ve also had to fight them to prove who I am in order to use my account – they suspended it for no reason whatsoever (or at least, no reason they were prepared to tell me). It’s beyond ridiculous but too often, paypal is the only payment option available. I used it sparingly but the time will come when the convenience is outweighed by the frustration.

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