The Tuesday Seven

The Sage Gateshead

1. The Olympics are over and it’s back to regular daytime television. Today while Steve worked from home, I watched some more of my Pretty Little Liars and The Secret Circle episodes that are still on my V+ box.

2. The Closing Ceremony wasn’t great, no. Even British people were unhappy with the outcome. No David Bowie, no Elton John, no Duran Duran, or Tears for Fears, or Depeche Mode, or a ton of other people they could have included in the line-up (and who wouldn’t have lip-synched either.) I was happy to see The Pet Shop Boys and their fabulous entrance though.

3. Steve was home yesterday to make sure his back was all mended. He’s been throwing his back out often so we’re going to have to get him to a doctor to get some advice (or just head straight to a chiropractor.) He couldn’t lie in the bed Friday night so at 2:30AM on Saturday, we camped on the couch (the cat included.)

4. Being in the house all day made the place stuffy so I got the brilliant idea to open all the windows and let the fresh, August air in. The next day I ended up with the beginnings of an allergy attack which I’m still fighting off today. (I refuse to believe this is a cold even though I’ve gone through the motions like had a dose of Lemsip and drank my Mrs. Grass chicken noodle soup.)

5.  Today I was able to get out of the house, window shop, drink coffee and read. I’m almost finished with Unbelievable: Pretty Little Liars #4. I really liked these books even though they aren’t high brow or anything. They keep the reader engaged and wanting more so that’s enough for me. Plus, it got me out of my slump where I didn’t want to read anymore YA for a while. Also, I am fully okay with the books being in third person. Generally I only choose first person POVs but this one, after I got into the first book, was fine. I like the suspense and mystery elements. It’s like a modern day Nancy Drew of sorts. (Wow, I just got flashbacks of my old Sweet Valley High books.)

6. Driving is back on tomorrow. I’ve finally bought myself a DVD-R that I can practice my theory and hazard test. I was thinking today how I’m so not in a rush to take this silly test. I mean, the Leave to Remain will be after Christmas and my Life in the UK test is so much more important than this. I don’t even know when I’ll be ready to take any of the driving tests either. I’m still not 100% confident on the roads or the stick shift.

7. After thinking that it was going to be too scary, I watched The Walking Dead Season 2 with Steve. By the second or third episode I was totally into it. At first I didn’t like the characters (because I hadn’t seen Season 1 and how they all got together) but I eventually found myself shouting at the characters and really looking forward to watching each episode. Of course, I had zombie nightmares here and there, but it wasn’t too bad. I loved the final episodes where it looked very much like a horror movie with the full moon, out in the middle of nowhere by a big farm house. Just good, good stuff. I also didn’t realize that Rick was played by a British actor who was Linton in my favourite version of Wuthering Heights. That’s a fine slightly Georgian accent he has for that show. Kudos to you, Sheriff Rick! (Now keep your kid in the house so he doesn’t screw something else up.)


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