An update for May 2021

Bug hotel 🐝
Bug hotel @ Down on the Farm

I really wish I could say a lot has been going on, but it hasn’t. I guess most people feel that way right now though, don’t they?

As of this month, I’ve had my first Covid shot because I wasn’t eligible until a couple of weeks ago. I went to Monkseaton Methodist Church for the vaccine centre there and it was very efficient and I was impressed with how easy the whole process was. Afterward, I felt foggy and tired. It wasn’t like having a regular flu shot. I needed more sleep and I couldn’t lie down because I was looking after Jack. This was my initial worry with the vaccine, and I’ve heard the 2nd can be twice as bad (but some have had no problems with either). However, having a couple days of side effects is better than weeks of Covid-19, so I’ll deal with it.

I haven’t done anything with the podcast lately. I started a new bullet journal which ended up just being a decorated journal, but whatever. I use a lot of ink stamps instead of messing around with artistic attempts because I’m just not an arty person. I don’t doodle and the stress of being perfect in my layouts made me avoid it most of the times. The stamps are perfect for what I need to do a quick entry of to-do lists and habit tracking.

I’m also awaiting back from a contest I submitted to. {fingers crossed}

At home, we’re just carrying on. Steve is still working from home and Jack’s doing okay with part time nursery. Now that lockdown has eased, we can go on family outings on the weekend and that has helped my mood considerably. Months of Groundhog Day with no where to go and nothing to look forward to was just tedious. Again, I’m always grateful for the time we have at home together, but I’m glad we can go back out and exploring again. Steve and I had plenty of time to go around the North East as a couple, and now we can discover lots of family oriented fun.

So far we’ve gone to Down at the Farm, Beamish, Gibside, and Northumberland Zoo. All highly recommended!

Here’s to a fun Mother’s Day tomorrow and Steve’s birthday and Father’s Day are right around the corner, so we’ll plan some fun for then as well.

Until then, I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and hanging in there.

P.S. I forgot why I don’t post as much anymore: WordPress block editor is awful.


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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