>Macy’s: Good parade, awful store


Here is the letter I wrote to Macy’s today that I will be sending with the order I’ll return the minute it arrives in the mail:

Dear Macy’s Customer Service:

I am returning this item order.  The item was listed as a sale item but you charged me full price and denied to give it to me at the listed sale price. 

The item option that I listed for the return of the Larry Levine purple coat was not full price.  I even indicated that if the 1st return option, a different Larry Levine white coat, was not available for the sale price of $90 to send me the Tommy Hilfiger white coat which was on sale and about $80.

I am outraged that you would overcharge me for this item and expect a full refund of $238.50 for the price of this order.  Even now online this Tommy Hilfiger coat is listed online as $119 and you have charged me full price at $225.  

I am very upset with Macy’s handling of this order.  I tried to call and get this order price resolved now that I have the shipping confirmation email, but the customer service rep told me that they couldn’t track down the one day only sale that was only a few days ago when I sent the return information in.  I even sent the information from the website in with the coat and the return order form with a note indicating the price and size.  I even tried to contact another customer service rep who could help me but the same girl kept answering, giving me a different name each time. 

When I contacted customer service for price adjustments, an internet clerk, J.M.J.,  stated that the order was placed on Oct 2nd and the 14 day policy made them unable to honor the price adjustment.  What kind of customer service is this when the clerk cannot even read the date of a return item that reads Nov 17, 2010?

Even when I tried to get a gift card at the store for returning this item, I was told at the Merritt Island store that they would not give me full price on my gift card for this return item.  This is why I sent them coat back in the first place.  I’ve already had issues with the store in Merritt Island before where they misled me on orders.  I shopped for Docker’s men’s suit separates, which the store told Dockers did not make.  I know this is untrue because JCPenney sells Docker’s suit separates.  I will continue to shop at JCPenney before going to Macys.  I have no issues with returning items or finding good prices on what I purchase when I shop with them.

Again, I’m very upset with Macy’s handling of this order and will not shop at Macys.com again.  I’ve unsubscribed to the email newsletters and have let me friends and relatives know what a horrible, shady company you are.  You do not honor sale prices, which is false advertising and you do not offer any kind of customer service except to ignore the customer’s legitimate claims.

My complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau is listed below:

I ordered a coat on Oct 2, 2010, which I sent in for an exchange on Nov 17, 2010.  In the return package I sent the unwanted coat, the exchange order form and the information for the coat I wanted in exchange from their website.  They had a one day only sale online on Nov 17.  The original coat was $80 and the coat on sale that I wished to exchange it for was approximately $80-$90. 

When I was given information that my exchange order had been shipped on Nov 23, they had charged me full price, $225, for the new coat.  On Nov 23 the coat was listed as being $135.  When I contacted customer service on the phone they told me that they could not find any information for a one day only sale.  When I contacted customer service price adjustment online they sent me an email today, Nov 24, stating that since the order was placed on Oct 2 (the date I ordered the coat I returned) they could not honor any sale price after 14 days anyway.  Today the item is listed as $119 and they refuse to give me any other price other than full price.

So they have falsely advertised sale items, refused to give me compensation and my only hope is that I can send the coat back and have my $225 replaced on my credit card. 

Thank you.


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