Bank of America and Downton Abbey

Diamond Jubilee landscaping

It’s a quiet Thursday here. Steve’s in London for a work day trip. I have the rest of this stupid cold to fight off but I did finally get Season One of Downton Abbey from LoveFilm (Steve marked it as “high priority” for me). That means I can have a day of TV, blogging and reading. I watched the first disc and so far I love the show. I love the time period, I love the characters, and I love Maggie Smith – she’s great in this! Her best line so far was, “Why does every day involve a fight with an American?” in the swivel chair scene [video].

Oh, and I have to do my practice Theory Test DVD too but that doesn’t mean I will.

I was thinking last night about how my book blog doesn’t get used much until I finally take the time to do a book review. I may start a Friday Reads section to just talk about what book I’m on. Whenever I do a book review, I’m at a loss because I hadn’t read it for a while. This way, maybe it can be like a little note taking exercise.

We have a three day weekend coming up and no driving lessons until September. Yesterday since I was sick I was just not doing well. It frustrates me to no end that I can’t just get what I should be doing. I still say it’s because these roads are so different that I’m continually second guessing myself or assume some new, potential hazard will pop up by the time I get to 40mph.

It’s okay though. Even after I get my license, I won’t be buying a car until I have a job so there’s no big rush.

Other things going on is the stupid Bank of America who are still charging me to use Barclays ATMs even though their site specifically says (as it has for years) that with the Global ATM Alliance, I will not be charged for using a Barclays ATM in England. “Use your debit card or ATM card within the Global ATM Alliance in the countries shown with no ATM operator fees or Non-Bank of America International ATM Fee.” That sounds like I shouldn’t be charged $5, doesn’t it? But, for some reason, all of a sudden, in August, I’m getting charged. And, of course, whenever I call Customer Service they try to explain it to me as if I’m wrong. I’m not. If it says no charge, there should be no charge. Whatever’s gone wrong, I have no idea but I’m staying on top of it. I’ve already called twice about three charges.


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