Back to normal

Eldon Square, Newcastle – Win 7 camera with auto-fix

Yesterday we eventually did get out and about. We went up the steep hill to the charity shop to donate our old toaster. There isn’t anything desperately wrong with it, aside from it being really over-zealous about toasting. It did not make our smoke detector happy but neither does our oven, grill, or stove top.

We took the bus, went into town, got some decongestants from Boots which are, as the clerk behind the pharmacy counter claimed, “the strongest you can get without a prescription.” When I took them last night it did nothing for my stupid ear. Now Steve and I are just hanging out calling, “What?” to one another because we can’t hear anything. Wish this would just go away. The sneezing and coughing isn’t nearly as bad as it was but it’s still there to remind us that these germs aren’t going away. Steve suggested that we had a cold after my flu. Whatever it is, I’m tired of it.

Since we wanted to find relief from the stuffy head symptoms, we went to Nando’s for hot chicken. It’s always way too busy so when we were on our way to the Chinese buffet and we saw that there wasn’t a long wait for chicken, we took the opportunity to treat ourselves. They have cloudy lemonade that is, by all American accounts, “proper” lemonade. Very tart, non-fizzy and so, so good.

After our chicken dinner, we hit Paperchase where I already ordered sale item notebooks, but this time I found a couple of earbud cord wraps (one spider, one garden gnome) and some pens. I still have yet to use all the notebook I bought previously but I was still tempted to buy more.

Before heading home we went to Krispy Kreme where their prices trick me into buying a whole dozen. The coffee’s awesome and I could eat six maple iced donuts in one sitting but I don’t plan on running a marathon anytime soon, so I have one at a time.

Once we got home we took the Christmas tree decorations down. Sad. It’s especially sad when we were sick all holiday so we couldn’t enjoy it as much as we’d have liked to. Today Steve threw the tree out and I filled in my Leave to Remain form for UK settlement. I’m going to be so glad when that stuff is all over.


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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