A Case of the Mondays for 29 Jul 2013

July had been hot, as we all know. I think we’ve gone through a record number of popsicles (lollies, as we say in England) and (cloudy, not the clear fizzy stuff that looks like Sprite) lemonade. The rain has been here, so at least it’s not unbearable like it has been. It’s the last Monday of July. I always have energy from resting over the weekend, and I get so excited to get back to my project. Then the week drags on and it turns out, I’m restless and ready to do cartwheels in the back yard to ward off cabin fever. I’ve had all three fans running non-stop, and I can only open the computer room window at night because I have a squad of bees doing their business above in the window sill. I shudder to think how many there are up there, but I do know they love to come and in to say, “hello” if I open the window a crack. (No, we don’t have screens for windows in England either.)

Anyway, I’ve opened a LiveJournal account as missusp. I just wanted to use it again. I miss it. I miss that you can have people in groups chat with one another. The social networking is right there without having to use a feed reader or Twitter to get to each other. Granted, that was in its prime, before hackers, spam, and Facebook. I may get some satisfaction out of using it again, maybe not, I just felt like trying it. *shrug*

It’s only three more days of Camp NaNoWriMo and I’m only at 14,441 words, but they’re decent words and I have an ending to aim for. I said before that I was trying to outline. That didn’t work. I mean, it was fine to jot down the ideas I had in my head, but once I started writing, the story just turned into something different than what I had originally intended.

Since I have all this time in the world due to Summer break, I’m really trying to get a ton of work finished before the holiday is over in September. Granted, supply teaching is hit or miss, but if I’m steadily busy, or get some kind of temporary job, I’m just too preoccupied. When I taught full-time last Winter, I was too tired and busy to even read a book. I know working like that is food financially, but, man, not having any time for anything other than teaching is hard for me. I do get bored out of my mind, though, so I’ve been hitting Starbucks regularly for a Frappuccino (I learned last week that they’ll make a triple caramel light Frappuccino!) I can enjoy the A/C and write a little bit in a different environment. It at least makes me feel like I’ve left the house.

I’ve made a photo set on Flickr from our trip to the Lake District.  Other than that, nothing much exciting is going on. I’m trying to sign up with a couple other teaching agencies, but it usually ends in never being called again, so I may not bother to pursue any others now that I went through the process at a new one already. For me, Summer is kind of a low-key thing that entails a whole lot of staying indoors, watching the weather, and trying to get stuff done.


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