#AugustBreak2013 Day 21

This morning Steve was coughing a lot, as if he wasn’t completely over the cold that had kept him home one day last week. He decided to stay and work at home today, poor thing.

I had an appointment in Sunderland to sign up for another teaching agency. This will be probably the twelfth agency I’ve signed up with (and I only get work from two of them, mind you). I agreed to register with this place though because the guy working there had called me twice about trying to get my resume forward for two jobs already before even meeting with me.

Instead of driving today, I chose to take the bus and Metro. I like the option of it, especially when I’m going somewhere that has very convenient stops for public transportation. I left Steve at home and ventured out with my tote bag full of official documents, Mockingjay (I swear, that book is more disturbing than the first one in a lot of way), the AlphaSmart (which I didn’t get to use, but I like having it close by), and a newspaper announcing the birth of Prince George that I sent to my friend Kelly in Florida.

Since they’re doing construction on everything, including the Metro, here, I ended up getting to Sunderland right on time. I met with the agency guy who said he could pay me more and try to get me Primary School work. Both sound good, but, of course, I’m dubious because these places never seem to pan out. But, anyway, I gave it a go.

On the way back, I stopped off at the Monkwearmouth Station Museum out of curiosity. It was used as far back as Edwardian times but I only stayed long enough to nose around the main building; I didn’t go to the outside exhibit. It was still really cool because, again, things this old fascinate me since anything in Florida is old if it was built in the 1960s.

I turned back after that, sent my newspaper in the mail, and returned home to serve up some chicken noodle soup for Steve. I didn’t go to Weight Watchers tonight either because once I’m in the house I have a hard time leaving again. At least I have my new Points Plan book that I got when I signed back up last week.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any work done, but I have all day tomorrow, Friday, and the three day weekend to do things and get my project done on time.

The August Break 2013


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