Things to do when you can’t sleep

Try to get comfortable for at least an hour. Allow for numerous bathroom visits and drinks of water.

Get out of bed and accept defeat.

Wander around house.

Stare out of window.

Stare in mirror.

Hunt for snacks. Decide microwave is too noisy and will wake husband up. Eat cheese and Oreos.

Read Chinese take away menu.

Plot out tomorrow’s snacks. (There are clearly not enough snacks now.)

Turn TV on and turn volume down quickly.

Semi-watch TV on mute. Nothing is on anyway.

Get into conversations with people on Twitter who live in different time zones.

Contemplate career and future job endeavours.

Search for books on the Kindle without actually reading them.

Sit in dark living room and let mind wander.

Try to explore new-found mind palace.

Remember some random things from your past and try to remind yourself to put it in your next book.

Write in your journal. (Blogging is too intense at this hour.)

Decide that all literature and art is done for the sake of the writer and the artist.

Make a grocery list. (Seriously, why don’t we have more snacks?)

Refuse to use computer because night-time is for resting the back from desk chair torture.

Play with the cat.

Consider having children as a means of productive use of time. If every night is going to be sleepless, you may as well have some entertainment.

Stare out window for twelfth time. Decide Sun is coming up.

Go back to bed.

Read old book on Did Not Finish list.

Realize husband will get up in an hour.

Go to sleep.

Get up again when husband leaves work.

Have trouble falling back asleep.

Eat the risotto you’ve been thinking about all night for breakfast.

Fall asleep.


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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