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Starting nursery and back to work at the library

Guys, it’s just been a week. We took Jack to nursery for the first time. That was a nightmare and a half. He did fine, aside from the crying at the beginning and end of the sessions, but I cried … Continue reading

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A blog update for 19 January 2021

I’m writing this at 9:30 at night while I’m holding Jack. We’ve had a power cut and this poor sweaty child hasn’t had a bath. It doesn’t help that he decorated himself with apple sauce at lunchtime, but never mind. … Continue reading

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What did I do before?

I’ve been sitting here, listening to the rain, in the spare room on the computer while Jack sleeps in his room. I’m trying to remember what I did before he showed up in my life. How did I spend my … Continue reading

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Writing keeps the boredom away

This is going to sound really dumb, but it took me until this year to realize that people are creative to ward off boredom. I was always so incredibly bored all the time and it’s a horrible feeling. I had … Continue reading

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Snow in the New Year

This morning we were greeted with snow. Steve took Daisy for a walk and I took Jack on the back patio to experience the snowflakes falling on him. He seemed happy and interested in this, so I figure he’ll be … Continue reading

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