Dumb movie, lots of papers

“Sex and the City 2” has been the stupidest movie I’ve seen in a long time. I can handle girlie movies. I can handle middle aged women singing karaoke. But the dialogue was forced so the funny, witty punchlines just seemed too fake. Plus the plot is just stupid. Like Aiden (such a great name) would just happen to be in the Middle East. And this whole “we’re strong women and no man respects us” thing is a bit old. All in all it’s just a flop. I’m sad to see this second, much awaited movie to be plain terrible.

In other news the paperwork has become more detailed. I filled out my application, get my fingerprints done Monday, then I send our documents. The Express envelope weighs 4 lbs already and I don’t even have a handful of bank statements yet. Each time we think we have everything, we discover more things they want from the long list of supporting documents.

But once I have the bank letters, another couple months of statements and a letter from the school stating that I’m in online classes, then I can send everything. I just can’t wait to get this application done and approved. Christmas is still some time away but it’s close enough and I want my plans to go, well, according to plan.

And tomorrow is homework day. I wish I could get rid of this cold. My medicine makes me feel so groggy all the time.


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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