Slow and steady wins the race

In order to make myself feel less stressed about this paperwork stuff, I decided to bake.  As you can see, I made cinnamon muffins this evening.  They were pretty good.  I think they’ll taste better with my Santa’s White Christmas coffee in the morning.

Today was the day I thought we’d finally gotten everything we needed for the Visa.  I got Steve’s bank statements in the mail (6 days for Airsure service – not bad) and I was on the brink of getting the Enrollment Verification Form letter from TWU.  I’ll say this up front, the people at the Registrar’s Office did do a great job at getting what I needed today.  However, I did call them once yesterday and three times today to make sure stuff got done.  In my letter I need to have it state that I am taking online classes (so the Visa reviewers know that I am not dropping out of school when I move.)  When I send out my request for the letter last Thursday, I wrote that I needed this, and to have the letter faxed and sent to me.  I even provided my own SASE for Priority Mail so they can get this thing back to me this week.  After calling today to ask if they were going to fax this thing to me, they said yes they would.  I used my “teacher voice” and let them know that I couldn’t wait around.  It had to be done so I could send it in the mail.  At 3:30PM I called back just to hear them say, “We are still waiting on the library school to verify that your classes are online.”  I told them that I can see in my online school account that the classes are online, so they told me to fax a print out of that screen too.  So I did.  I called back an hour later.  Nothing had happened yet.  I told the girl that I’d faxed the letter, she went to check, came back to the phone, said she’d type it up and fax it.  She did. 

I ran to the Post Office and got in right before 5 o’clock.  As I waited in line, I looked at the the letter and it says “if there is a stamp, it’s official.”  That would make this look like just a print out or copy.  I decided to just call Steve on my iPhone (you’re welcome, AT&T, for that bonus this month) and asked him if I should wait around on the official, mailed letter that would get here sometime this week.  He pointed out that it’s best to do that so there’s no question in our minds or the Visa suits reviewing the application papers.  He also reminded me that I tend to rush things, which I do.  It’s true that people end up with a spouse who has different characteristics because it benefits them.  I tend to rush and Steve thinks things through.  Obviously his ways are better than mine.

So now after the third call to the Registrar’s Office to confirm that they did send my letter in the Priority Mail envelope I provided them, I have to wait just a few more days.  That’s when I went to the grocery store and bought my cinnamon muffin mix and a frozen pizza.  I feel way more relaxed now.

Another odd thing that happened today during the midst of all this, was that someone came to the door today leaving a card from a U.S. security bureau.  Thinking maybe I was being checked out to prove I am who I am, I called the number only to find out that they wanted me to verify that the cops hadn’t been called lately on a neighbor whom I didn’t know, who had moved in October.  I told her that I never heard or saw of any problems around here and she took my statement for her review.  Odd.  I didn’t know they did that.  Wonder what kind of security clearance that’s for.

But now that the excitement is over, I’ll have to go back to the library tomorrow.  I need to read and get some homework done.  Enough with this paperwork nonsense!


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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