My first week without school

Well, I’m all done with library school. It’s been years since I’ve not been in school somehow with teaching or studying (or both). Now I’m free to job search, write, go to the gym, read and hang out with Steve. Important things that surpass homework.

We went to the Life Centre on Saturday and saw the Wallace and Gromit exhibition. I only know a bit about the show but the exhibition was fun with lots of still scenes set up, like the one in the photo above. We also went into the Planetarium there and watched a live show that they have once a month with an expert who taught us what starts to look at, when and where. Steve and I had both been to a planetarium once before as kids, but not in a long time so it was interesting. We also went on the 3D Undersea motion ride. As you can see in that link, the whole Centre is very kid-oriented but we’re big kids at heart and we enjoy it just the same. @ScienceatLife

Today I took my walk into town with Steve as I like to do. The weather has been so nice and the flowers are in bloom. I love getting up in the morning and enjoying it. I’ve still been going to the gym (I’m at a 12.29 minute mile now – my goal is a 10 minute mile). I find new foods to eat on my Foodie Blog and I read and write in the park for a while with my take-away coffee before heading home. I’ll have to pick up with my book reviews soon too.

Yes, it’s a nice life and refreshing to not have homework to be bothered with right now.


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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  1. >It certainly is a small world. That same Wallace and Gromit exhibition has been on display in Leicester, UK, too. We went to see it last year 🙂

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