Ye old pastimes

We were talking about high school today.  You remember those days when we had a bunch of people around us all the time, we had the best music to listen to, we had high hopes, big dreams, and an angst that was undeniable?  Would anyone of us want go back to that?  No, thank you.

Steve was saying how in England they don’t have Homecoming dances but they do have things like Prom.  Neither of us went to prom or any kind of graduations for any of our degrees.  I went to one Homecoming dance, looked cute in my lacy dress and Doc’s and, yeah, that’s about all I remember.  It’s not a magical memory or anything.  It was just a night out – at school, nonetheless.  A bunch of us in my parents’ car, being the ones who didn’t like dances.  I never went to the Project Graduation things or the slumber party things at school that I heard about.  I just wasn’t into all that back then.  At least I still have my friends from high school who I talk to and visit when I can.  It’s funny to think about the stupidest things that happened back then but it’s way more interesting to know what’s going on in life now. 

Life today is still all about having fun.  It’s after 9PM and I’m listening to Crystal Castles on the Zune player and writing up this post.  Tomorrow will be another gym day and back to the desk to get working again at home.  It’s a nice feeling here; to be cozy indoors with the heat on while the air outside gets chillier.  I’ll have to find some really cool things to do in lieu of Halloween.  I think a ghost tour is in order.  There are plenty of old graveyards here that need visiting at night. Muhahaha!

Speaking of that, I still need a pumpkin to carve.


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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