It’s August

Cloudy day at the park.

It’s getting closer to Fall now even though Summer has been in minor moments here and there. I only had a couple of interesting occurrences happen in the past few days but they were both good.

Firstly, after having a pity party for myself about how all I do is stay at home all day and no one will employ me, I headed out with Steve in the morning and found a little hedgehog in the back yard. He looked as if he’d been hurt because he was wheezing a bit and head blood on his head. I called the RSPCA who wanted me to take him to the vet myself which I couldn’t because I have no car or any means to get there and taking an injured hedgehog on the bus would probably be tricky. I was probably a little rude with the guy on the phone too because I was just not having a good day to begin with and when I call to have someone help me with injured wildlife, I get a bit anxious. They asked if I could put the little hedgehog in a box, which I could, but I couldn’t bring him inside due to the cat. So while I waited on RSPCA to come by, I scootched my little friend into a dishpan and put him on the front lawn by the steps so I could check on him and he’d be visible when RSPCA stopped by. But the hedgehog wanted no part of that dishpan and he escaped twice. By the time RSPCA came by to get him, he was inching through the yard so I think he had some fight in him. The lady picked him up with her big welding gloves, checked him over and put him in a little cardboard container. Off he went to get fixed up. I wonder if they’ll call me to let me know how he’s doing.

Secondly, I am back to the driving. It’s better but it’s not perfect. I keep asking what the test will be like and my instructor said it was just casual driving to see if I do the manoeuvres properly. That means not throwing the car into 1st gear after leaving a green light (did it), turning into a side row at 20mph (did it), or confusing a large bus at a roundabout (do that a lot.) No, I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to take my test for my license. I’m pretty scared to even attempt it. But I’ll have to one day here – these lessons are pricey! But, they’re worth it.

Tomorrow is Olympic game day. Exciting stuff. We’ll be seeing Brazil vs Honduras in the men’s football semi-finals. Should be a good game. We’ll wave to the camera if we get put on on the BBC Olympics 5 in HD! Wee!


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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