The Tuesday Seven

Coffee break

1. I’ve now finished my second Pretty Little Liars books and numbers three and four are on their way via Amazon. (I still got them out of the library today anyway so I don’t have to wait.) As much as I think I read too slowly, I still got tired eye syndrome again and I had to give myself a break today from reading anything else. (Granted, the tired eye symptoms showed up while I was on my way home from my last interview so stress may be the cause as well. But I don’t feel stressed so who knows?)

2. The oven had to be fixed yesterday. Last Thursday I went to make our standard fish and chips (yes, we have fish and chips night) but it wouldn’t heat up. After investigating online (because neither of us have a clue how appliances work) I figured out that it was a simple procedure to have an element replaced. Luckily we have the convenience of manufacturers sending out technicians who can get stuff fixed in five minutes and I was up and running. Our next order of business will have to be the toilet – it’s been making that awful pipe vibrating sound whenever we flush it. (I guess it’s a water hammer?)

3. You may have noticed that the Olympics are underway. I’ve been watching them non-stop since the Opening Ceremony on Friday night (Ah, the bit with The Queen and James Bond – so good!) I am really impressed by the BBC’s coverage of the games. We have 24 live HD channels so Saturday morning, bright and early, I sat down to channel surf until 10PM. I did that Sunday and Monday too while Steve was on his business trip (He got to go to Italy. I tried to have him convince the boss that I should go as the company tourist: drink cappuccino, buy leather handbags for the other wives, take photos for the webpage, etc. but they didn’t really go for that. He also got delayed in the Paris airport – oh the duty free shopping I could have done in those few hours!) Anyway, the Olympics — I did, admittedly, nod off on the couch during some of the handball and hockey matches. Not that they’re not interesting, it’s just a lot to take in one sitting. Especially someone like me who generally doesn’t like sports.

4. But we’re going to the game on Aug 4th which will be fun and exciting. I heard that Newcastle was super busy in City Centre with all the Olympics and food festival going on at the same time.

5. Yes, we missed the Newcastle Eat Festival this year. Very sad. We at least tried the Total Recall pizza at Papa Johns while our oven was broken. It was so, so good.

6. I’ve had my break from driving but I get back behind the wheel on Thursday. Last lesson, my instructor asked when I was going to finally take my Theory Test so I’m going to have to set that up. I’ve read that Highway Code book a bunch but I’ll have to do some practice tests too. I’m excited to get my license but I’m just not feeling like I want to rush any of it. (Maybe I am stressed?) At least once I get the Theory Test done, I can hang on to it for a long time until I take my Road Test.

7. I still think I may want to get another iPhone next year. There are plenty of things I’d like to get but being jobless just sucks the excitement out of shopping all together – there’s no money to buy anything and there’s no place to wear/use said thing anyway. Maybe this is my penance for going into debt when I was working. Now I live in jeans, corduroys, sneakers, and t-shirts. Bleck.


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