Happy World Book Day

I’m going to cheat a little bit and use part of this post for my book blog as well.

Lately I’ve been book hopping and I’ve built up an even bigger “Reading / To-Read” list:

I’m not making much progress in any of them, honestly. I read a bit then quit. Read something else, then start playing with the iPhone, and so on. I did, however, go to the cafe yesterday just to read over lunch and coffee yesterday so I suppose that all counts for something. Today, however, I’m still only getting through a few pages at a time.

Aside from the books, I’m happy to be working on my current project. I’ve been taking the advice of my writing books and keeping more outline notes. I’ll be working for a couple of weeks this month at a new school so I’ll have to remember where I wanted the story to go once I’m back to it.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this problem, but I find it very, very hard to shake off outside influences. When I have work or travelling going on, I just cannot focus on anything else. I guess it makes sense since writing requires a whole lot of solitary me time. I know I have some attention deficit issues since I can’t work in anything but silence either, but I really wish I could be the kind who grabs the free time and uses it to work. If get really mentally involved with whatever I’ve done for the day, so trying to get back into the mind-set of creating a fictional day is just down-right impossible for me. It’s not a matter of not wanting to, I just need to be in some Zen-like moment to get anything done.

That’s why I’m just going to have to keep a little notebook with me at all times (thank God for Evernote though). If I do think of something, I can at least get it down for later.

Lastly, I remember that Blogging from A to Z April Challenge will be coming up again very soon. The only thing I could think to use as a theme is music since I did movies last year.


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