#AugustBreak2013 Day 10


Well, it’s still Saturday in Florida, so I’m technically not late.

Today we slept in, went to Newcastle on the bus (been forever since we’ve done that, now that we have the car), went to the library, returned books, and looked for new ones. No idea why, but every time I look for a book there it’s never in the place it should be. When I’ve asked a librarian either they can’t find it, or it’s in special collections and needs to be retrieved. I liked reading an old copy of  Fahrenheit 451, but finding a book in the “Quick Choice” section on my own and having the librarian say, “Hhmm. Shouldn’t have been there. It was returned six months ago,” isn’t a pleasant experience. Today I looked for any copy of Capote’s work that they had. I searched two floors and couldn’t find a thing, despite their online catalogue saying they had copies available. Oh well. This is why I have a Kindle.

We also ate sandwiches at Greggs, walked around the mall, returned video games (Steve’s getting ready for our purchase of Saints Row 4 this month), and I looked at books in Waterstones. I totally need to read The Ocean At the End of the Lane.

Tonight we ate pizza and watched the new Total Recall. (Steve said they should have named it “Total Nonsense.”) Having only seen the original a couple of times a while ago and just knowing the basic idea, the new one started off pretty promising. However, the plot holes just didn’t work and it wasn’t as good of a movie as it could have been. Personally, I would have liked it if Ethan Hawke was the lead because an older, rugged hero is much more convincing (except I still like Matt Smith as the Doctor.) I really liked The Fall and the dystopian look of the movie was great. Some of the dialogue wasn’t fantastic either, but if it were written as a novel now instead of the original short story where it was set on Mars, it could have worked (you know, if the novel had a tighter plot.)

Now I’m here, writing in the blog at 1:30AM. That is all.

The August Break 2013


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