#AugustBreak2013 Day 12

I just tried to take this photo out of the front window and it’s the best I can do. The sad thing about photography is that it never captures exactly what you’re seeing.

Today I did very well. Mondays are usually good for me because I’m rested and refreshed from the weekend, and I’m ready to work. I made myself stay in and get 2,023 words written of a middle grade project. I’m happy that I didn’t get distracted and I got a decent amount of work done (for me.)

I was thinking about Capote’s preface in Music for Chameleons where he talks about potential:

There were too many areas where I was not writing as well as I could, where I was not delivering the total potential. Slowly, but with accelerating alarm, I read every word I’d ever published, and decided that never, not once in my writing life, had I completely exploded all the energy and aesthetic excitements that material contained. Even when it was good, I could see that I was never working with more than half, sometimes only a third, of the powers at my command. Why?

I don’t think I’ve ever worked to my greatest potential on anything because I’m such a procrastinator by nature. I’ve tried to chalk it up to ADD or a perfectionist nature, or anything that would explain why I don’t give it my all, all the time; especially when I want to. I don’t know if it’s lack of belief in the work, or myself, or what it is, but it’s freaking annoying.

If only they really had a drug like on Limitless without the adverse side effects. Oddly enough, Bradley Cooper’s character wrote a book, then moved on to other, important things. I think I’d stick to the books. I at least take my vitamins each day to help stimulate my brains. I’m really not sure how much they help, or if it’s just the combination of rest, reading, and coffee consumption.

And because people love animated GIFs, I’m adding one.


I’ve also been looking for more middle grade books to read since I only have a few under my belt. Again, I’m not gung-ho on the fantasy genre, so I’m trying to find cute, girlie books for my Kindle. I’ll post my list to bookblogarama this Friday for Friday Finds.

The August Break 2013


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