#AugustBreak2013 Day 13

Today’s theme was home, which worked fine for me because I’ve been here for two days (minus the times I go out to pick up Steve.) While I got 2000 words done yesterday, I was only at 1800 today. I know I should stick to the one project and get it done. I know I should just write notes at the bare minimum for any other project, then file it away for later, but I haven’t. I wrote on two things today. Bad. I know. I have to stop.

So, after I did my bit of wordage, I played Sims 3 (as seen above with my little teacher’s apple.) I feel bad even wanting to play games or do anything non-productive too, so I have to stay away from that stupid thing tomorrow as well. Sadly I have errands to run tomorrow, so I won’t be able to lock myself in the house to get stuff done.

I did collect some more links for today’s post as well:

I loved the second article because it does stress how, well, stressful the whole publishing process is. It’s a lot of work, just as anyone goes to work, it’s not just a fun day at home eating bonbons or writing in the Moleskin at Starbucks, as she points out. Plus, I always remember Anne Lamott saying that once you’re published, it’s not over. You aren’t done. It’s just a step in your career.

And now it’s time for me to get the laundry dried, take a shower, and talk to my parents before settling down in bed with my book. Night, all!

The August Break 2013


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