I is for Interchange

I go to the Gateshead Interchange at least every weekend.  Steve uses it each day.  It’s a huge bus stop with the subway station underneath.  That makes it a big hub for transportation.  For people who live in large cities in the States, this is probably quite commonplace but for Florida, we just don’t have such things.  I just find it interesting that it has a green grocer and a Wilkinson store in the Interchange.  I’m still not sure about how to find the bus I need to get around but that doesn’t mean just at the Interchange or on bus stops on the streets.

Gateshead Interchange is a transport interchange in the centre of the town of Gateshead, England. It is served by the Tyne and Wear Metro, whose station is underground, as well as local bus services. In the period 2008-9 the metro station was used by over 2 million passengers whilst the bus concourse was used by over 3.8 million passengers, making it the busiest bus station in Tyne and Wear.

Gateshead Council

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