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Today I’ll be waiting for my new HTC Sensation to be delivered from O2.  I opted for the cheapest delivery window;  9AM-7PM.  Steve has discovered that the HTC HD7 which uses Zune that doesn’t play podcasts in the U.K.  Therefore, he may be opting for a Droid to replace the Windows 7 phone this week.  Totally uncool but at least we have options.

Yesterday, we were going to go out somewhere but instead we stayed home and enjoyed the bank holiday.  It was windy and chilly and it was so, so nice to not have to run around somewhere for a change.  We went to Liverpool and walked all over the Wirral last weekend so I think we deserved a decent weekend at home. 

On Saturday we had to take a trip to the O2 to get an adapter for Steve’s iPhone micro SIM card that ended up being a regular SIM card that we could easily swap out instead.  Still, we got a nice walk out and I bought Norton so this laptop will finally have its internet security.  We also hit McD’s where I tried out the new C.B.O. which was way tasty. (Incidentally, yes, I do need to update that Foodie Blog soon.)

I also read that running is bad for your hips so I don’t feel as bad about only jogging once a week and using the other days for the bike.  I should add an elliptical day in here and there too.  Now that Christmas is coming soon, and I’ll have my Garmin sports band I was wondering about asking for an MP3 player that isn’t an iPod.  But with the trouble the Win7 phone has given Steve, I’m wondering how easy that will be (granted, I don’t generally listen to podcasts though.)

Finally, we’ve still be using Asda to deliver our groceries even though they messed up one order.  If we don’t have it delivered for the last open delivery slot, we generally don’t have trouble.  Being compensated for having to wait 23 hours for our groceries with free delivery for sixty days is pretty nice all in all.


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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