I Heart Liverpool

I have plenty of things I can update on this week but first I’ll talk about our trip to Liverpool. We arrived on Friday afternoon after the crowded train excitement (finding a seat without an advanced ticket is tiring on it’s own). When I first saw Liverpool I was really impressed. The buildings are huge and Albert Dock was neat with the restaurants, bars and hotels built into the renovated buildings. The issue with staying at a hotel at the dock was the fire alarm. Since everything is in one big, brick building, everyone has to evaluate when the fire alarm goes off. When we got to the hotel, people had been standing outside of it as well as the next door restaurants. But the hotel was awesome. Premier Inns are always clean, comfortable & good at providing tasty breakfast.

We didn’t do much site seeing that Friday night but we did see Liverpool One, a shopping mall to make love the city. Three story, outdoor, shiny, with new stores (I spotted Gap, Dr. Martens, Lego, and Vans for starters.) We ate upstairs by the cinema at Zizzi and used our O2 Priorities for free dough sticks and champagne. Yum. It was so nice to just have together time without technology to distract us. Well, aside from the iPhone coupon app. Saturday we headed to Hoylake so I could finally meet the rest of the P.s. There were 10 people, plus cats, a dog and neighbors to shake hands with as a new member of the family. It was great fun and I felt so comfortable & welcomed. I even got the biggest plate of roast turkey dinner! Now that’s hospitality.

Sunday was museum day back in Liverpool. First we went next to the hotel to The Beatles Story just to be interrupted by the fire alarm after we got into the first room. We walked down towards the other building for The Beatles were we saw the White Feather Lennon Exhibit and The FabFour 4D. We went back to The Beatles Story which was more busy & got hot in some rooms (why don’t all public places have an A/C?) Next was the Museum of Liverpool which was just put in this year. The building is amazing and there were tons of things to look at even though the 2nd floor wasn’t open yet. We also did a quick sweep through the Maritime Museum. I saw some artifacts from the Titanic and items from the Slavery Museum section which is as depressing as it sounds. We were super tired by Sunday night and after a hot bubble bath in the hotel we slept from 9PM-7AM.

After our last tasty Premier Inn breakfast we headed back through Liverpool towards the train station. I saw James Street and the entrance for the on-foot Beatles tour. By afternoon we made our way back home. I’m still suffering from “train lag”. I thought I should go jogging today but after I got up I knew this would be another day in front of the computer. I walked enough this weekend so that treadmill can wait until tomorrow.


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4 Responses to I Heart Liverpool

  1. laurahartson says:

    ive never been, i really should

  2. I’m glad you liked Liverpool, if you visit agian any time soon check out my blog ideas of great places to eat.

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