Nothing but my own devices

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Steve is now on his way home and I’m so glad. I cannot believe that I spent X amount of years living alone – it’s so boring. I can’t stand not being on a regular schedule and having the days just stretch on like that. Still, after spending all of yesterday eating frozen pizza, playing Skyrim and watching iCarly (the same routine was done today as well, but I substituted the pizza with chicken dippers) I ended up doing absolutely nothing productive. Well, no, I did the laundry and went to the doctor today, so that counts.

Doctor’s was no big deal. He sat at his desk and basically said, “Just because some people can’t skip meals doesn’t mean they have low blood sugar but everyone should have it checked.” I’m sort of surprised that being as sick as I was, it isn’t a cause for alarm. Anyway, I have my blood test and check up next week just to be on the safe side. I’m sure they’ll be like, “Nono, everything’s fine,” and I’ll spend the rest of my life being paranoid if I sleep in that I’ll pass out if I don’t stuff myself with bananas the minute I get up. Fabulous.

Also, since I talk to everyone (it’s the Southern way) I told my taxi driver today that I was learning to drive and how crazy these roads seem to me. He was saying that the amount of cars on the road now is way too much when most of the residential streets haven’t been renovated for fifty years. So now no one has a parking space and very narrow streets end up being a small lane to get through because the roads are simply overcrowded. I couldn’t agree more. He was surprised that my Florida license would only work for 1 year here before I had to get a U.K. license because any driver in the European Union can drive in any country. That includes the French roads that are completely different from British ones. (They also can teach in any country too but I won’t get into that again.) Apparently there are driving courses that guarantee that you’ll pass within a week or two, so they give students concentrated lessons and keep testing them until they pass. Does that mean they know how to drive well? No. So taxi cab driver wished me well and said I was doing this the right way – no rush so take my time to get really comfortable with the whole thing.

I wonder how long this will actually take though. Will I have my license by September, perhaps? I hope so. *fingers crossed*


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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  1. worldsbeforethedoor says:

    You can do it!!! And yes…it is a Southern thing to talk to everyone about everything and we like it that way! 🙂

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