#AugustBreak2013 Day 3

I took this photo today at Beamish Living Museum of the North, per the yellow theme for today. We have been there three times this year alone and every time we go, we see something new.

I was happy to see the animals, as usual, though I didn’t see any calves that were born this week. I did meet Sam the Horse, and a nest of swallows. I also rode the steam train and discovered the stores of donated items that are on display. Such a cool, interesting place.

My Flickr set for the museum is HERE and we’re already talking about going for Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas again. It’s just fun to go there and soak up the history and the nature. Today the sky was really blue (which makes my photos turn out nice) and it was windy, so the heat wasn’t too bad.

My other yellow photo was taken this morning during breakfast, hence the food theme.

The August Break 2013


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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2 Responses to #AugustBreak2013 Day 3

  1. steviepreater says:

    I love the top photo – lovely! And the museum sounds fantastic. I had a look at your flickr photos of it and it really made me want to go!

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