D is for Designing Women

Just watching the intro to this makes me homesick for Florida when I was a teenager. The girls were all funny, and the idea of having a business of your own, making your own rules, and working from home really appealed to me.

Personally, I wasn’t a fan of Bernice’s character, and once Charlene and Suzanne (great name) were off the show, it just wasn’t as good.

80’s honourable mentions: Dear John, Different Strokes, A Different World, Double Dare.

90’s honourable mentions: Dawson’s Creek (I watched these later in syndication), Doogie Howser M.D., Dharma and Greg (I watched these, but they were kind of boring. Loved Jenna Elfman though. Who, btw, is in a Depeche Mode video: Halo.)


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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  1. Hahahahah! Love it. 🙂 x

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