iPhones and anything similar

In September my iPhone’s long 2 year contract will be complete. That means I can find a new, suitable replacement for my friend and enemy the White 3GS. There are plenty of great things about the iPhone. I mean it is “the best” phone we have available as far as apps, screen resolution, and features. However, as most people know, I’ve previously posted plenty of reasons to look elsewhere.

Lack of Flash player, bad camera, irritating predictive text (why, iPhone, why is reading and white capitalized?) and our nemesis: iTunes. (Thank you for deleting my vacation photos when updating last Summer, btw.) In the UK we don’t have 4G yet so the most awesome of phones (not oboes, iPhone) that I’ve heard of aren’t available here. Without a contract the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC HD7, and HTC Desire S are all super pricey.

I have the Blackberry Bold 9700 now to use in the UK (the iPhone is only used with Wifi in the house because of the old US contract still being active).  The camera on that is awesome but the silly thing gives vibration alerts for no reason, alerts you of things such as Twitter updates that you tell it not to alert you on, and it freezes randomly.  Also, I don’t like that I can’t hold it in one hand and type as easily as I can with the iPhone. 

Mainly it’s the apps that I’m wondering about.  I can’t get some on Android and Blackberry and while I only use a few of them right now, I still like the option for something new to be useable.  iPhone is going to get those apps first and as much as I resent it, I don’t want to be out of the loop for those.  Maybe I’ll just wait until an iPhone 5 comes out. 


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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