Catching a cold is easier

The ALA posted a link called Work Experience Helps M.L.S. Students Get Librarian Jobs.  This article was all about how we should all just run out and get a part-time job or volunteer while we’re waiting on a full-time job because our MLS degree is only the bare minimum job requirement.  My comment was “if only it were that easy”.  I’ve asked libraries about volunteering and they flat out said “we don’t have volunteers.”  (Well, they have opportunities for teens over the summer, but not regular adult volunteers.)  I’ve applied for the few and far between jobs, part-time and full-time, that are listed and gotten absolutely no replies.  With any job, you need experience and it’s hard to get your foot in the door to get that experience but it’s even harder now.  Guess some of professionals who have a job forget that.

Anyway, Wednesday was another gray day in England.  It’s suited my being sick quite nicely.  I took my walk on Tuesday, went to the gym for a bike ride and started reading Ballad.  That’s a fine alternative to jogging because I can do something while exercising.  That treadmill gets terribly boring, especially now that I can’t watch The Housewives of OC on ITV2 in the gym anymore.  I don’t really like this show because a couple of these women are loathsome but it’s better than boring house remodeling auction shows.  Bleck.

The cold is still in effect at our house and while neither Steve or I are bad off, it’s just irritating.  So I haven’t done much at all.  Lemsip and chicken soup have been my friends each day.  It’s just this stuffy nose junk that keeps me from feeling normal.  And not feeling normal is no fun at all.  I’ll get better by the weekend though, I’m sure of it. 


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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