An adventure to Durham

I didn’t find anything in the NaBloPoMo prompts today to write about anyway, so I’ll just give a little detail about our trip to Durham today.  It was the perfect day today to take this little trip that we’d been planning on for a while: sunny and not too cold.  We walked up the hill, jumped on the bus and took the 40 minute or so ride out past the Angel and out through the country.  It’s such a nice trip going out through there.  Plus, Chester-le-Street was very neat.

Unfortunately we couldn’t see the Castle as it was closed until the end of October but that just means we’ll get to come back again and do more site seeing.  Instead, we spent the day visiting Cathedral.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but the stained glass windows, the tombs, the architecture – all of it was just amazing.  It’s such an awesome feeling to be in one of those cathedrals because we don’t have stuff like this in the States.  We heard the huge organ played as well as watched the boys choir practice a bit.  We then walked around town, had fish and chips and grabbed a bus back home. 

I really do like taking little trips like that around the North East.  I really hope we can go back to see the Castle in December.  I want to see the Christmas tree at the Cathedral.


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