I’m Queen of the world

NaBloPoMo prompt: If you were queen/king of the world, what would you change? Why? What would you keep the same? Why?

I know I’m not alone in uttering the statement, “if I were Queen of the World…” and I don’t have any Earth shattering ideas but I’ve come up with some so far.  First, all the restaurants will have to give their food to soup kitchens after closing hours.  No thrown away food.  I know the whole argument will be that no McD’s will give away perfectly good hamburgers but, please, no one in this world should go hungry.  That’s my main thing.  I go nuts if I don’t have a bowl of Ready Brekin the morning and I’ve seen hungry kids at schools who need that free breakfast and lunch that we give kids.  Throwing away food is just awful.

I’d fix this stupid economy so we can all go back to work but I’ve not figured out all the ends and means to get that sorted yet.  When I do, I’ll get back to you.

I was on the bus today and overheard a couple of 20 some year old guys talking about how they are working part time, minimum wage jobs instead of their planned teaching career.  I knew how they felt.  It was sad too because the one guy was saying how he loved being in the classroom and how he woke up every day, excited to go to work and change kids’ lives.  Now he’s a sous chef.  The other guy was a microbiology major and working at a tea shop.  Nothing fulfilling, nothing that equals the kind of education and training they’ve worked hard to achieve.

But it’s all going to have to get better soon.  Economic recession is so 2008.


About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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