Painting in May


Well, it’s May 1st and the A-Z list of movies is done. The sun’s come back this month and it’s time to get back to the norm. Blogathon 2012 has started as well but I will try not to post too many links to my Facebook timeline (a lot of people probably aren’t fussed with links.)

We have been planning some renovating on the flat. When Steve bought the place, it was left with some questionable wall coloration. There’s yellow wood chip wallpaper in the computer room, red paint in the bedroom (the kind that reminds me of Big’s room in Sex and the City — “It’s like sleeping in Communist China.”) and the bland, off-white walls in the living room. Steve had fixed up the kitchen before I moved in and we painted over the salmon colour hallway with a tasteful mocha. Now we have to tackle the rest of the rooms.

After deliberating with catalogues, online sources and shelves of wallpaper in the store that we spent 45 minutes looking over, we decided that it was too much of a pain. All the accessories and messing about with wallpaper hanging, cutting, aligning, rolling, brushing… Paint will be much easier. We still have to get the shelves and the wood chip paint down. The computer room is going to be a study for the great minds of the Pick family!

For some reason I choose green whenever I get into home decorating. I had a green couch in my old apartment and now we have green paint for the bedroom. I guess the natural, earthiness of it will be a fresh welcome to the rusty red colour that’s been there for years. For the living room, a teal or blue. For the study? No idea. Maybe a nice purple (I doubt Steve will be able to work in a room covered in a cotton candy pink hue.)

I’ll make sure to document some before and after photos of our transformed flat. We heard the music students upstairs move out so the place is nice and quiet for the time being. Less going on at Mary Kay’s too so all of these changes make it feel even more homey.

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