Well, today I got kicked out of a writing workshop

Well, not really kicked out, but sort of. Here’s my email to the library that conducted the workshop (I’ve been to one last year that was just a day event.) That’s going to be the only one I go to there, apparently.

Dear Staff:

On Wednesday I specifically queried about the course starting on Friday, and was told I was signed up for the course, and could even pay £60 for the 10 weeks. This course, which is listed for today as a 10 weeks course, ends today. Therefore, I just wasted time and money on travel getting into the city to go to the course, only to be told there was no purpose for my staying as this was the final day for critiques and wrap up.

I do suggest you re-evaluate how the events are listed on your website, as this is no longer a course which can be signed up for. I was quite embarrassed and frustrated this morning to find this out the hard way. It makes me wonder if any of the event dates are accurate, or if some of the events are already in progress (or nearly over.) I was told that there are many of these writing workshops going on and without prior knowledge or speaking with the workshop leader directly, there is no way to know when the workshops really begin and end. Perhaps if the course were listed with “Week 10 of 10,” then the public would be able to know how far along the workshop has been in session.

Thank you.

I guess the way it was listed implied that it was the 10th lesson, but that wasn’t clearly stated. Plus, I asked the librarian, and if it were the last course, she should have known. Also, if that’s the last course, and it’s not longer available to the public, why have it listed and/or allow someone to be registered for it? Also, this library is an old, historical library that requires membership for literary types to use the resources. I get the idea that it’s kind of an exclusive thing to be involved in the workshops there.

But, yeah. That was pretty much my most embarrassing moment of living here. (No, the learning to drive thing was probably #1.) Both cases created much tears.

I just feel incredibly stupid in situations like this because here I am, the dumb American, who is shut out of all the outside events I enjoy: writing, library events, and teaching. It isn’t a good feeling to be a stranger in a strange land. It really isn’t. I honestly about cried when I had to get up in front of all those people and leave the library. Horrible feeling.

This is why writing has to be such a solitary act. I knew I shouldn’t go today either, and I’m mad at myself for not heeding my intuition. (Most of the time, I think my intuition is making an excuse for myself.)

Oh well. Lesson learned. No more trying to force something that isn’t right.


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