19 Things for the 19th of March

  1. Have stupid back trouble, so I have to stay away from the computer chair. No where near as bad as it was this time last year, but it’s not great either. (Back is better today, hence my ability to post this from my computer desk.)
  2. Been watching Breaking Bad. Just started Season 2 last night.
  3. Have been working on outlines, but every time I write one I feel stumped on how to execute the plot. Have decided to write outlines, then set them aside after knowing how I want the plot to go. Trying to adhere to them zaps any creative flow for me.
  4. Have to find a theme for Blog Challenge A-Z for April.
  5. Have to decide which book to work on for Camp NaNoWriMo. (Well, nevermind, I just put my book info down, so I guess I know which one I’m going to work on.
  6. I am the worst at decision making. I keep thinking I’m wasting my time on the wrong book, or jumping into projects without thinking about them enough. Now that I have outlines and a pretty good sense of the characters, I think I can get to work on a book with a decent, logical plotline.
  7. How to keep up the pacing is a new issue though – now that I know what happens in the book from beginning, middle and end, I need to get it in the 50k word mark for a first draft. I hate the idea of adding filler if I get through the plot points too quickly too. Ugh! Organization is so tough!
  8. I didn’t get involved in any PitchMadness because I don’t have anything finished and polished. The indecisiveness keeps me in half-worked projects all the time.
  9. Must finish things. Must finish things. Must. Finish. Things.
  10. Is being a “best seller” really that big of a thing? Sure, a NY Times Best Seller is, but for Amazon, best sellers can change daily, can’t they?
  11. What is up with Twitter? It’s so quiet anymore. I can ask questions, use hashtags, and try to get involved in discussions and a rarely get responses (and they’re generally from the same people I chat with regularly.) I wonder if it’s run its course, this Twitter thing.
  12. We’re thinking about getting another cat since I keep worrying that ours is lonely. Of course, I don’t like the idea of having twice the amount of cat fur all over the house, so we may not.
  13. In April I plan on going back to the gym (to help the back, mainly) and getting a new set of tires on the car. That’s as exciting as it gets, so my blogging and NaNo-ing should be fine.
  14. I finally figured out how to get the always available classic books from the library via the Overdrive app on my Kindle Fire.
  15. The weather has brightened up around here, but it’s supposed to get cold (surprise) again by Friday.
  16. Last two movies we saw in the theatre were Frozen and The LEGO Movie.
  17. I have a one book project that I could do, but I don’t want to because it would require some intense-ness. Anyone ever have that?
  18. I could be going to a writing workshop today, but I’m sort of gun shy now, so I’ll stay home.
  19. I’ve decided that my next phone is going to be a Nokia 920 because my Samsung Galaxy S3, while having a nice camera, does not like WiFi. It gets hot while it tries to find WiFi and won’t connect to it. Steve and I can go to Frankie and Benny’s and his Nokia will work fine, mine will sit there and struggle until I finally give up.

About Suzanne Schultz Pick

Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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