Preparing for NaNoWriMo–Part 2–Time Management

New YA books//

This is always a topic of blog conversation around this time of year. I have a similar I mention this at least once a day – having a full time job all but kills the creative process.

It will sit there, waiting to come back to life, but the lack of hours in a day just don’t let us resuscitate it.

Someone once told me that you can have children and a working life if you just lose out on sleep. I’ve often thought about that in regards to keeping a book going, but it’s only going to last a couple days max before you fizzle out.

That’s why the only thing I can figure out is: you have to find the time when it’s good for you. Even if it’s a few moments to get some words down, use them. Bad words are better than no words.

Right now, the only way I can get in any work are my blessed, uncommon days off. I get to the library early, and spend about 20 minutes of quiet time before someone else comes in, and I write. It seems to flow fairly easily too because the morning commute gives me a while to think and to imagine what my characters should be doing.

I’ve tried writing on the bus. It didn’t work out very well. All those bumps, starts and stops left me spending more time retyping typos on my phone.

Since I have a work PC, I have to use a note keeping app. A simple design is all you need for a quick sprint away from home. I’m tempted to try using Write or Die to get some words written in the morning.

Granted, I do write a lot better when it’s me, my computer, my office, and the quiet. I like my home time and I like time to be in the zone. Until then, I have to grab my word count where I can get it.


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