I love rock n’ roll and the reference desk

Library deskToday I went to the library and stalked the reference desk for a while.  I had to observe a reference interview so it was easy to just park myself at a table with my laptop and eavesdrop.  There are plenty of people who go to those reference librarians asking all sorts of questions:  Questions about school projects, new books, old books, how to look for ebook and if they could help with the computers.  I think I’d like working at the reference desk.  I certainly know enough about helping people out from teaching and I have a fairly decent knowledge of literature and researching.  I think it’s the right job for me.  Now all I need is the degree and the library to higher me.

I just finished watching “The Runaways.”  It was an okay movie.  I guess I would be more impressed if I liked Kristen Stewart, was interested in 1970s drug-induced bands or knew any other songs besides “I Love Rock n’ Roll.”  Still, it wasn’t that bad and Dakota Fanning did a good job.  Kristen Stewart is just boring as all get-out to me but that made her totally fit the part of Joan Jett’s character;  hunched shoulders, mumbling voice, lack of real pizazz in her actions.  Maybe Joan Jett is more fun at a party but as far as that movie made it seem, she was snooze central.  Anyone else watch it?  What did you think?


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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