And the fun begins

storage binsToday I gutted the closet a little more since I had bought some more storage bins yesterday.  I found scads of clothes that I bought on sale years ago that still had the tags on them.  This is the thrift store shoppers lucky day!  I’d so rather it go to someone who can use them than have them sit in this closet.

Also, I started getting my named changed on my SS card and my passport.  In my haste of getting my things in the mail before 5PM, I forgot to add the extra money for the expedited shipping on my passport (I do not have 6 weeks to wait!)  As I was saying in my updates earlier, when I went to Walgreens to have my new photo done, the girl working there made me come back and retake it after someone else had processed the pictures.  “You can’t smile in the passport photos.”  “Yes you can.  I’m smiling in the one I got last year.  My husband is smiling in his too…”  “Well, they get sent back to us.”  “Huh.  Must be a new rule.”  “Well, people will bring theirs back saying they aren’t accepted though I know they look perfect.”  Red flag.  I let her take my straight on, unfun picture, then proceeded on to the Post Office where I had the postmaster not only take the right picture (smile and all) but put everything in the Priority envelope with delivery confirmation and all.  I felt much better about the whole thing once I had the P.O. handle things – that is until I realized I didn’t pay my extra fees for fast processing.  Department of State said I could call in later and give them my payment over the phone for that though once they have the application.  Hooray!  Everything is fine in the world of me again!

I watched “Teach: Tony Danza” finally.  Man, they treated that guy really badly on his first day.  Yes, there are cameras involved and a potential distraction to students.  But if he hadn’t been a celebrity I think they would have given him way more respect and way more encouragement.  I’m talking administrators and parents, not the kids necessarily.  Those kids are too young to have seen “Taxi” or maybe even “Who’s the Boss?” (except for the one girl who said she was into the 80s and knew who he was.)  I really feel for the guy.  He’s qualified to teach, he’d had more instruction and more mentoring than lots of other new teachers have.  I just really empathize with that “we assume you’re going to fail and we’ll let you know about it” attitude they gave him.  Even that AP who was telling him, in front of student no less, to “stop being vain and put on his glasses.”  Yup, I give the man credit for walking into that minefield.


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