Paperwork, peas and Twitter

Priority Mail boxToday I have to run back to the library. I finished up my reviews for my children’s poetry section and our next section is historical. Larger books to read in two weeks, so I have to get cracking. I will grab the ones I need for the section after historical as well. I have to get what I can get done before I go.

I finally got my passport renewed with my name change and smiley photo. Next is the big Visa application. I have to apply online, make an appointment in Orlando to get my fingerprints done, and send in a lot of required materials. It’s a big process but as long as we’ve been researching this, we should be all set. It amazes me how daunting it all looks. I don’t want to miss any possible ounce of “evidence” they may need. Phone records, emails, bank statements, certificates and license to name a few. I don’t know how long it will take for them to approve the Visa either but my plan is to go after Thanksgiving. With having to get Jake’s paperwork ready after mine, that gives me time to get us ready. Plus, I get to watch the Macy’s parade and eat pumpkin pie! The pumpkin pie mix that’s imported to England is low this year.

And that’s how things are rolling right now. I’m still not very packed but when I can only bring so much, there’s not a whole lot I can do with these things (except donate what I can of course.) I’m sending what I can ahead of me (you can put 70 lbs worth of stuff in a Priority Box and send it internationally – winter clothes, of course, only make the box weigh about 6 lbs.)

Also, I really am not “feeling it” with Twitter.  It just reminds me of those chat rooms we use to have in the 90s where people would come into a room, start an argument, get everyone in a fluff and generally torment people for their own enjoyment.  This is why I like Facebook – I don’t have to look at random strangers’ posts about atheism, drinking or inappropriate behavior.  I just don’t want to sift through that garbage.  I like talking to the library community and seeing cool links here and there but now I understand why 70% (some statistic on the news the other day) of Twitter updates get ignored.  It just seems like a big mess to me. 

But right now I’m still working on my Scandinavian pea soup. The recipe said to put in the crock pot on high for the first 4-6 hours, low for the second. I’ve had it on low all night. No wonder they wouldn’t get mushy! I think they’re actually cooking now. Non-mushy peas wouldn’t be very British of me now would they?


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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