Summer in the North East

on the Millenium Bridge looking at the Baltic in Newcastle-Gateshead

It’s a beautiful day in England and I’ve just gotten back from my morning adventures. We grabbed a taxi this morning so I could have my first ever NHS doctor’s visit. Since I sprained my ankle about 3 weeks ago now, the pain is considerably less than it was at the first of the month. Still, I knew a doctor’s visit was in order. I had to get myself registered with a GP in town anyway. The doctor told me to let my ankle sit in some nice warm water, rotate it so it didn’t get stiff and if it was still bothering me after a while to come back. In the morning it doesn’t hurt me a lot, it’s in the evening after we’ve been out for the day that is when I start hobbling and need to sit down.

It’s warmer today, unlike the rainy days we had lately.  On Saturday, we headed to the EAT! Newcastle-Gateshead food festival.  Wow, what fun!  I’ll be updating my Foodie Blog with information about that one this week too.  It poured down rain all day as we tried food from all over NE England but it was probably best because there weren’t as many people out as there could have been on a regular, sunny day.

I’m still up for being a supply teacher and I’ve been applying for full-time positions where I would take over for someone on maternity leave.  There are plenty of teaching jobs listed so I have to keep my applications out there so I can snag something soon.  As much as being at home is great, I really miss going somewhere each day and doing something worthwhile.  Having some change in my bank account doesn’t hurt either, of course, but being productive and enjoying your work are the main reasons to have a career.  I’m still looking for library jobs too but, alas, nothing has popped up and what I have applied for didn’t pan out.  Oh well. No worries.

I’m using my site now as I’ve still been fighting for to get the .com site hosted.  I’ve paid money, I’ve set up and set up again but it’s not up and running at all times.  As much as I love updating and tweaking and being techie with the blog, it’s just been way too much of a pain to have it self-hosted anymore.  I’m back to the cheaper, simpler, easier site and I’ll stick with it – for now. Now that I have this working again I’ll do my best to keep updating regularly.


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