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New Parent Care in England–You’ve got to be kidding me

Recently, during a conversation for my husband’s birthday, my mother-in-law told us about when Steve was born. She mentioned: “Then the midwife comes to your house, you know?” Me: “To the house? You’re kidding me! Why?” MIL: “Oh, to check … Continue reading

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Summer in the North East

It’s a beautiful day in England and I’ve just gotten back from my morning adventures. We grabbed a taxi this morning so I could have my first ever NHS doctor’s visit. Since I sprained my ankle about 3 weeks ago … Continue reading

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A productive Friday

I had a really productive day today. I started out by going to the doctor to get some cold medicine. When I was waiting, another patient came in who has to have the ambulance called for them. She had possibly … Continue reading

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