The wait is over

I met a personal accomplishment today by jogging 30 minutes straight.  Finally!  I was at 20 forever, then I made it to 25 after getting back into the swing of the sport once my ankle was better.  Today, I watched IAAF World Championships (poor Ortis) on the treadmill and went that extra five minutes.  Now I can feel like I’m doing something.  I’m counting on my ankle holding up as well – it started giving me that warning twinge today so I popped ibuprofen to keep any potential swelling down.

I took pictures with my new phone today to try it out.  All in all they’re pretty good.  There’s a feature where you can click on an area to focus in on before taking the photo.  I liked that a lot.  It’s kind of fiddly though because you have to stay fairly steady before taking the picture, otherwise the picture gets blurry.  Also, as with the iPhone, when you are taking video and get into an area that has more light, the image darkens, then adjusts.  Kind of weird but I still have the little Kodak video camera for such duties.

It was especially nice to get out of the house finally this morning too.  I’d been indoors since Saturday night.  Steve was home for Bank Holiday weekend and then I had to wait on the phone for Tuesday and Wednesday.  I decided that instead of waiting for that phone for two days, I could have done a lot of things.

I could have done everything that I did today:  walked in with Steve, gone jogging, taken my books back to the library, gotten an Americano at the cafe, tried out the new phone camera in the park. I could have also walked to the shopping plaza, gotten a Starbucks, found some holiday clothes on sale, looked for a clock for the kitchen, and all in all walked a few miles which would definitely count as exercise. I could have used Run Keeper but, alas, no new phone.

Tuesday as I waited, I contacted a Scottish guy at customer service who didn’t help, wrote a blog post, watched “Frasier“, tweaked some writing, contacted customer service again, waited & waited. Yesterday I contacted my Scottish friend at customer service again who said the same thing, “oh it’ll come sometime today,” or “it will come within three days.” I watched more “Frasier”, I wrote this list, and I watched Carrie. (I love that movie: Stephen King, 70s, & high school. Plus some young John Travolta always makes a movie cool.) Anyway, the rest of the afternoon was for picking up around the house, some washing and, of course, waiting. It didn’t help that every car that went by, I looked out the window to see if it’s the Home Delivery Network truck. I figured that by the time the stupid thing got here I wasn’t going to be that excited anymore.

But once I held it in my hands, I was excited.  Technology is great.


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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