Clean up that dirty mouth

Okay, now I’ve seen it all.  So the BBC did a piece this morning on Breakfast about how chewing gum is now 100 years old and what do you think of it?  What do you mean, what do I think of it?  It’s a necessity of life, right?  Wrong.

Apparently in middle England, as Steve refer to it, gum chewing is “disgusting.”  Think I’m kidding?  Sadly, not.  Comment after comment on their Facebook page had viewers saying how it was a “vile habit” and it “makes you look common.” 

You’ve got to be kidding me.  My ingenious comment was along the lines of “it’s more disgusting to not chew gum after a meal” but of course that was rebuffed.  “No, Suzanne, just brush your teeth after a meal.”  Sure, I’ll keep my electric Oral B toothbrush where ever I go.  I’ll make sure that during the 30 minute lunch breaks that we got in Florida, that I can get that done.  (Which I did by the way, but British employees get an hour to walk to the pub and back.)  I’ll make sure to do that after every coffee break and every snack too.  Yeah, you’re right.  Gum is too disgusting in its minty form to be used and, oh yes, “it should be outlawed.”  So you want to be like Singapore now, huh?  Good luck with that.

I half understand the complaint that it’s the gum on the shoes that people don’t like but, come on, if that were a valid argument we’d outlaw dogs and cigarettes and glass bottles and food and everything else that we see littering the streets.  (We have no one doing community service to get out there and clean up the streets either.)  Oh no, I’m sure that isn’t the same at all.  Aside from the tons of people standing outside of shops, blowing smoke all around them for everyone to smell (I use to smoke, I can say this) or the dog who does his business right next to my park bench so I can gag on the stink (I’ve owned dogs too.)  That’s completely acceptable and we could never ban that. 

I’m even surprised that no one said “use a mint instead” (so far that I read) but no no.  Supposedly the gum only moves the after lunch particles around in your mouth.  There is no whitening or clean feeling we get from it at all.  That little Orbit girl has been lying to us this whole time!  I love how the comments were like “Oh, it’s not as good for you as people think.”  Yeah, that’s why dentists use it and why it’s recommended to help prevent cavities.  And whoever said it only lets the food linger around in there is wrong too.  (Big surprise.)

I really need to stop using the internet as much.  Something like this irritates the crap out of me on a weekly basis.  I see some many hateful comments about politics, news, or even other people who want to talk to them on Twitter.   The anonymity of the internet just feeds people to complain and go on about any little thing to such extremes.  A little stick of gum should not get this big of a debate (besides, the debate is pretty stupid to begin with.) 

And, yes, I’m chewing gum while I type this.  Two pieces at that!  It’s pink and minty and oh so good.  I know, I’m a disgusting heathen.  *blows bubble and rolls eyes*


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Married to Steve. Mother of Jack. Librarian IT Assistant. Writer, teacher, blogger, podcaster, technological princess.
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